All a year ago bass fishing I couldn’t buy a strike in the fly fishing rod

Skunked is my center name! I’d to redeem myself and go back to trout fishing. I’d a great time with 6 browns and rainbows in 2 1/2 hours. My children did believe it due n’t to my shortage of success with bass.

We shall say catching fish is sweeter when you get skunked occasionally. At the very least that’s my story!

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You suggest we have been SUPPOSED to NORMALLY catch seafood. The way I tie I want a fine tyer on one end associated with the line and a seafood needing cups in the other and I AM halfway there with me as the fisher, well!

Oliver Hart

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Hayden we feel your pain! Knee surgery skunked me personally the majority of last autumn and all winter. Hope you might be back at it quickly!


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I have taken two skunks currently this year, a very nearly Perfect Skunk (blew it once I missed the hookset on the time’s one eat) as well as an unless you Count Carp Skunk (being a rule, I do not catch carp when I journey to fish, therefore if I wreck havoc on them for something to dГј, they don’t count).

The near Ideal Skunk is at Valentine NWR, my visit that is first there and I had some pretty high hopes. Really, it was more like one particular This Is Gonna Be Epic mindsets. Very dangerous, exact same group of baseless false hopes you may get through the Quick Fish.

Also it had been an epic day in every other feeling, has to be when you yourself have some breathtaking landscape all to yourself for the full time, a rarer and rarer thing that I savor with 8 billion and rising in the world.

Second skunk, the skunk that is non-carp was comparable. Mostly alone for a brand new pond in a wondrous landscape, but carp are everywhere as well as the water is sludge plus the only indication of gamefish is just a dead black colored crappie. At a true point i offered in and caught most of the carp I needed, then six or seven more after that one.


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My name is Scott, and I’ve been skunked. . .

. . .and there isn’t any pity in that, at least as far as i am concerned. They call it “fishing” and not “catching” as I always say, that’s why. We utilized to obtain kinda upset when I got skunked, particularly when fishier friends did catch fish, but I learned long ago that when fishing is something i will enjoy for the remainder of my life, occasionally not getting one is not likely to ruin my experience, or my entire life. And I also know sufficient now that it generally does not suggest i am not just a fisherman that is good doing something amiss.

What does kinda hurt sometimes is getting skunked for a “big” trip–my annual trips to Alaska or north BC for steelhead. Driving all that way, spending hours in crappy weather swinging my hand-tied flies for 2-3 weeks, and nothing that is then getting be described as a hard supplement to swallow. On the other hand, anybody who goes steelheading and does not genuinely accept the likelihood to getting skunked does not have their head appropriate.

I remember that John Gierach in another of their essays on steelhead associated a story of getting skunked the time that is first went Atlantic salmon fishing in Scotland. His ghillie visibly winced and told him “here we say blanked, lad.”

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