In all honesty they may not be a financial obligation collector I would care to approach having concern about a financial obligation i might or may not owe.

You can ask SS on their own? Did you have got a complete lot of loans through them? In the event that you did you could devote an affordability issue and that could possibly purge exactly what occurred into the final loan.

Thank you for the response, I’d imagine it absolutely was about three or four years, there’s nothing showing to my reports. Perhaps I’ll simply wait to see if we hear from their website All post is been forwarded from old target so I would personally have obtained any communication from their store.

I’ve been studying the feedback recently and have always been happy to see men and women have been having some success with refunds.

I will be still waiting to know the end result of NIck H arbitration that he stated had been planned sometime in September ’17 before We submit my claim to your OAFS due to a “i do believe it is a statute banned outstanding financial obligation” with Pounds to Payday that We don’t want to acknowledge written down if my claim possibly wouldn’t succeed.

Nonetheless, my present real question is that i have already been reading in past posts that:

“They wont budge on loans before 2011, they make that clear. They didn’t have to conform to any legislation pre 2011.”

My loan that is last was FEB 2009, and so I am worried they won’t also contemplate it.

Has anybody had a payout with a pre 2020 loan?

The Hitman says

I’ve had a tremendously comparable idea today with mine, when i had loans from 2019-2020

Well eventually got a response that is final SS they don’t admit any incorrect doing but will waive the outstanding £450 stability! Gone straight back a few times over the last few months absolutely nothing straight right straight back from their website threatened OAFS nevertheless nothing. Ashamed to say 9 consecutive loans with SS all post 2011 alongside 10-15 other monthly pay day loans because of my monetary stress and a dark dark time bank statements and credit report reveal the degree of borrowing and exactly how dependant I happened to be on these loans so I’m maybe not supporting straight straight down about this as I really wouldn’t have been given any form of credit if they had done proper checks! Anyhow I’ve dealt using the other loan providers a few of which went along to FOS and upheld.

Long tale short I’ve emailed OaFS as well as have actually been therefore helpful. Today whenever I emailed them for addesss and bank details to lodge my grievance if they respond otherwise posting my forms and all evidence and hoping for a good result with them they said forward on all the emails I’ve sent them and they will email SS/Northway and chase up before a formal complaint so that was done today and let’s see! they are doing tbink since they weren’t controlled into the U.K. or by FCA and away from reach of FoS they can simply dismiss people and I also could have ignore it if it wasn’t for this web page therefore many thanks!

Just one single final little bit of information for you personally to my nowadays settled loan. OAFS have actually refunded my 25 Euro charges when I accepted the offer that I experienced from Northway, even though we most likely, well certainly, will never have experienced that offer devoid of there input. Great solution.

Pertaining to the commentary we made about PTPD maybe not budging on loans pre 2011 then that is one thing you ought to challenge. This is the information they said I had ten loans pre 2011 from 2009 and through 2010 in me uncertain terms. I did not get the chance to challenge this as I accepted an improved offer. You should.

Hi here I have begun the OAFS process – I’m sure it is pretty adjustable, but could somebody provide me personally a obscure concept as to just how long it took from that time? Have always been we taking a look at another couple of weeks to eliminate?

I’d want to understand this to!

August i received my receipt and registration of the complaint at the end of.

The things I will state however will be the people at OAFS are particularly helpful and would joyfully spend our Financial Ombudsman an amount that is similar a service nearly as good.

Sara (Debt Camel) says

The FOS gets one thousand cash advance complaints a thirty days. 68% are increasingly being upheld. We question the OAFS gets 50.

I’ve been going right on through for approximately three months now and really should have my hearing adjudicates by the conclusion of the thirty days

Hi all, Northway have actually taken care of imme personallydiately me with my declaration of take into account Swift Sterling but have actually stated if it doesn’t go to them as they no longer own Swift Sterling a complaint cannot be directed to them so who do I put a complaint into?

We directed problem for them because they received the attention We paid, they granted the loans and I also believe that it is they that are the reckless loan provider.

Sara (Debt Camel) says

The grievance is going to Northway. Ignore their cautiously worded message – legally it is correct but just about everyone reads it the way that is wrong…

Nick H – any upgrade on your own adjudication?

Nevertheless waiting to them to verify the date associated with hearing.

I’ve sent a chase email today as I will have to organize time off to attend this via google hangouts

Samuel Hall says

Presently in mediation with Northway and they’ve got provided money of 115 (I’m owed with interest and costs near to 3k ) my loans had been applied for in 2007 many of them post legislation change in April 2007, does anybody understand the date poundstilpayday became regulated by the OFT ?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

I’m maybe not certain it ever ended up being OFT regulated.

Comparable figures if you ask me. Their provides had been bull crap so my mediation failed.

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